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Portrait Programs


Portrait Programs

Depending on the season and program offered, the quantity of each portrait size in the package may vary. If additional portraits are needed, our secure online reorder system allows parents to order products with or without enhancements.

Preprinted Portraits                                                                    

After the photography session, the photographer will schedule a portrait selection day. Once scheduled, the photographer will leave all neccessary materials to advertise the date. On this date our portrait consultant will return with the preprinted portraits for your parents to purchase and take home.                                                                    


After the photography session, the proof sheets will be returned to your school with in one to two weeks. The school will be responsible for sending the proof sheets home to the parents, there will be a deadline date for your parents to return them to the school. One of our staff members will come to your school and pick up all proof sheets and money collected. The photos will be returned to the school within two weeks for the school to distribute.