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Plan for a portrait that will be perfect:

Picture Day is all about your children! Picture Perfect Images, has been part of a great tradition for over 40 years, and love taking pictures of your children:

Put your best face forward with these quick and easy grooming tips.
See our checklist of last-minute tips to help you make the most of the moment!.

  • Scheduling a haircut two weeks before Portrait Day
  • Sending hair and makeup supplies to school with your child for quick touch-ups (for older teens)
  • Limiting exposure to the sun a few days before Portrait Day

Making sure nails are trimmed and clean as hands may show in portrait.


Questions and Answers

Q: When is my child’s portrait day?
A: Contact your child’s preschool director or call (813) 884-3040.
Q: Can I have my portrait taken with my child?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I have siblings photographed together and separately?
A: Yes, siblings may be photographed together, separately, or both together and separately. There is space to indicate your preference on the notice that will be sent home a few days before picture day.
Q: If I have several portrait packages from which to choose, can I take sheets from different packages to add up to one complete package price?
A: No, mixing of packages is not allowed.
Q: When will my child's portraits be delivered?
A: Approximately 2 weeks after portraits are taken.
Q: When do I need to pay for portraits?
A: With most of our portrait programs, we will schedule a date with in 2 weeks after the portraits are taken.
Q: How can I order more portraits?
A: You may place a re-order by clicking on the Re-Order button. If you prefer to pay by mail, there should be a re-order form included in your portrait package.
Q: What is the deadline for re-orders?
A: Re-orders should be sent within one year from portrait day.
Q: Can I get a copyright release on my child’s photograph?

Picture Perfect Images has a copyright policy designed to protect the images it takes – similar to the policies used by moviemakers, video producers and writers. While you do purchase portraits of your child, the original image remains the property of Picture Perfect Images. This original image cannot be photocopied or reproduced without the company’s express written consent or the purchase of the copyright.

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